Enter the Lion’s Den

“For a year and a day, I pledge myself to the Lion’s Den. I will not harm any within her care, less the magic of Fate and others have their vengeance upon me. The lions do not give one another to their hunters, and neither shall I. I shall take from this the bounty of the land and rejoice, for I am a member of the Lion’s Den.”

Green Knight

Come into our warm embrace. Allow yourself this moment to clear your mind as the dizzying revelry around you brings forth change, growth, and winds you away from your Fae Keepers. Our place is with your Desires, which shall be sharpened to a swords keen edge, played as if an unheard masterpiece, and brought to fruition like the apples of the Hesperides. Trust in us, for we are your dreams made flesh.


Nothing is truly free. Everything we are, that we have become, we have given something for. Our blood is in the bricks of every foundation. Our sweat is the water that grows your hedgefruit. Our bones are the walls that keep the Others from our doors. The Iron Spear will not fail because our fury is righteous and strong. We are the protectors of our kind. Lend us your backs, and we shall make a stronger Freehold yet.


Fear not, they said. They lied. Your shivers and screams give power to us the same as any other. We are the ones who will wrest the powers from our once masters. We shall turn their curses and gifts upon them and hear their screams. Those who challenge us will know their worst fears in their last moments. There will be no survivors. It has been foretold.

The Witch

You’re here because you’re tired. You’ve made it this far by losing things that you can’t ever really get back. You’ve done things, seen things. Now is when you lick your wounds. There is no shame in a retreat when you return home. Protection and fighting only gets someone so far. We’re here for the end; the end of the fighting, the end of the worry, the end of the pain. We are the reason you can move forward without looking back. We do what others will not because we do what others cannot. We survive.

Lycan Lily

The Broken